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Why Business Coaching?

Coaching, training and organizational development can help you turn your visions, goals and dreams into tangible results faster.

Business Coaching

As a systems business coach, I focus all of my energy and attention on helping small business owners succeed.

Like a sports coach, you need a live person who cares about you and your success, who will meet you where you are and provide support and accountability. For this reason, all of my programs are conducted live either in person or via video conference.

1. what is business coaching?

Business coaching is a dynamic process that focuses on your personal and professional concerns. In practical terms, this means thinking about the company together with the coach in a fixed rhythm.

We work together in coaching to improve the company in the following areas:

Strengthening of the leaders

Strengthening of operational processes

Strengthening the financial health of the company

Developing the employees and the team

Empowering customer acquisition (marketing & sales)

Coaching doesn’t work without trust, so it’s important to build a trusting relationship with your coach and work together on a strategic plan for your future.

2. how can you benefit from it?

Professional business coaching can be a valuable tool in achieving the success you seek. The coach helps you make informed decisions for your business. With the help of coaching you will be able to build your business efficiently and achieve your set goals. Coaching supports you in using your competences in a targeted way, in deepening your knowledge and in developing your leadership skills. It helps optimize your results and continuously improve your business. Through business coaching, you have the opportunity to take your business to the next level, generate innovative ideas, and leverage new potential. Business coaching will also help you structure your business and achieve the success you are striving for. It boosts your motivation and helps you achieve your goals. With professional business coaching, you can build your business more quickly and achieve your set goals.

3. business coaching for small business leaders.

As the CEO of a small business, you know how important it is to create a successful leadership culture. But even more significantly, coaching gives you a defined framework to help you think about your business.

At some point in my own entrepreneurial journey, I (Armin Ruser) understood the importance of systems for my business and started implementing them. This means that the tasks and structures have come out of my head in a form that my employees can understand. This has helped clarify responsibilities and improve processes.

I would be happy to help you establish systems in your company that give you more freedom and ensure better results.

4. why is an investment in business coaching worthwhile?

Even though business coaching is an investment in time and money, in most cases it is worth it. As an entrepreneur or executive, business coaching can help you take your skills to a new level and ensure that the business reflects your personality in the best way possible.

If you reflect for a moment on what a better understanding of your business processes would bring to your company, you’ll probably already get an idea of the benefits of coaching.

5. for which entrepreneurs is AHA Coaching a good fit?

AHA Coaching is suitable for entrepreneurs who are ready to take responsibility for their success and find their own solutions. It assists entrepreneurs to focus on their goals and use their own skills to achieve them. It is an effective way to sharpen the skills of entrepreneurs through business coaching and improve the systems in the company.

Quite often, also knots in the communication are untangled and thus problems in the team are solved.

AHA Coaching can also help you motivate yourself and build your confidence to achieve your goals.

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How does business coaching start?

Feel free to write an inquiry via our contact form.

Free initial phone consultation.

Personal meeting at your place or at our office. If it is not possible otherwise, we can also meet via Zoom.

Agreement on the goals and the number of monthly meetings.

Regular meetings and step by step implementation of tasks to achieve goals.

Results control.

A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.

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My qualification as a business coach

I completed training as a business coach at the Free University of Berlin.

But when I held the certificate as a systemic business coach in my hands, in a way the training was just beginning. I am grateful for my first clients who gave me the chance (over 10 years ago) to be their coach without much experience.

In addition to my work as a coach and entrepreneur, I participated in numerous professional development courses. Among other things, training in Spiral Dynamics and as a Birkman Consultant.

Currently, I am completing training to become a Certified Small Business Coach.

I would like to invite you to get to know me in a short zoom call or telephone conversation. Certificates may help to assess that someone has the basics for business coaching, but at least as important is your personal assessment in the actual meeting.

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